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waaaaay better!

Freedom Smith

How often do you have to change the "grips" or whatever the colored part is called?  Just curious.  Yep...it wins the "hot" bike award :)

Mr. Guilt

I tend to change mine every two years or so. In my experience, there are four reasons someone changes the bar tape (the term for the colored part): you get tired of it, it gets extremely dirty/grimy/ugly, it gets damaged (like in a crash), or it starts to creep down (the adhesive starts to give). 

Officially, this had hit a point where it was so dirty/ugly that it needed to change. That said, I never really liked how the old stuff looked. 

Freedom Smith

Thank you for explaining.  Even though I used to be an avid bike rider, I do not have a memory of using bar tape.  Perhaps it came out after my biking time :)  Fun to see your bike posed in different places.  I think that is a super idea and a great way to remember where you have ridden to.  Now, if the bike could just learn to take pics of you!

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