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Looks like work for dad......   :-)   Actually, it looks a lot of fun.

Mr. Guilt

She can pedal, so she can help.

Physically, it's easier than pulling her in the trailer. The trailer bike is lighter, and, as I said, she can contribute.

However, this was only our second outing on this, and, on a single bike, she's still using training wheels.* So, we're still getting used to it. The first mile, we were relatively slow (8 mph), and she was still finding her balance. By the last mile, we were cruising around 14 mph (typical with the trailer), and threatening to drop mom.

Once back by the car, we had some ice cream. She then asked, "can we go ride some more?" If only I had the time yesterday!

*Funny bike thing: a friend was talking about getting "training wheels," meaning a heavier, more durable wheelset for training rides (as opposed to lighter "race wheels"). A non-cyclist thought she meant what a kid would use. I always think of that...


[this is good]

Freedom Smith

That is the neatest thing...I have never seen a trailer bike.  Fantastic idea!!

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